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Michael Tipper is a writer, speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach with a wealth of expertise and nearly 20 years experience of Learning & Memory Improvement, Personal Productivity and Leadership Development

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What Can Michael Do For You?

Here are just a few ways Michael can help you...

  • Use Michael To Provide An Entertaining And Educational Keynote Speech

    Michael’s tag line is to help people “Learn, Laugh and Leave Inspired” and through his keynotes speeches he has delivered around the world to over 100,000 people he can add something special to your event.

  • Use Michael To Provide Fun, Engaging And Productive Facilitation

    Michael’s unique combination of systematic and process driven thinking integrated with a flair for creativity and fun can help your team get together become a productive, value adding AND enjoyable experience.

  • Use Michael To Help Your Team Improve Their Skills

    Michael is an experienced trainer having personally worked with thousands of people across many different industries and sectors helping them develop their thinking, personal productivity and leadership skills.

  • Use Michael For Individual One To One Coaching

    Michael can help individuals develop their ability to develop their skills, improve their productivity or enhance their leadership skills through direct one on one coaching.

Here's Where Michael Tipper's Experience Can Help You

His experience has been around these three key domains:

  • How To Learn & Remember

    After coming second in the World Memory Championships, Michael has written a number of books on How to Learn and How to Improve Your Memory.  He is considered to be one of the UK’s leading Memory Development Specialists.

  • Personal Productivity

    Michael is a avid student and practitioner of how to be even more productive and effective.  Having mastered these skills himself he now teaches others how they too can get more from their time and energy.

  • Leadership Development

    Michael has successfully managed and developed an award winning Leadership Development programme for a major utility company for 5 years and has personally worked with nearly 3,000 leaders helping them develop their leadership skills and abilities

Who is Michael Tipper?

Michael Tipper is an experienced speaker, facilitator, presenter and writer specialising in the practical business and educational applications of Learning and Memory Improvement, Personal Productivity and Leadership Development.

Over 100,000 people have directly experienced his live presentations and more than a million young people have benefited from programmes he has developed for schools and colleges.

His corporate clients include major blue chip organisations (including IBM, Shell, Eircom, EDF Energy, Pfizer, The Prudential & Royal Sun Alliance) Professional bodies (including CIFP. CIPD & PFS) as well as hundreds of schools and colleges across the UK.

Michael's Clients Include...

Michael is the author of seven books including - “Memory Power Up” (Duncan Baird Publishers), “The 77 Habits of Highly Effective Students” and “Super Speed Study Skills – the Secrets of Successful Students” and  “Easy Memory Improvement For You”.

His 15 minutes of fame includes appearances on The Big Breakfast, The Guinness Show, Sky News, BBC Breakfast and Amazing People and has featured in articles in The Daily Mail, The Sun, Men’s Health, Wired Magazine, The Guardian and The Times. He regularly appears on national and local radio shows around the English speaking world.

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