Avoid "Death By Powerpoint" And Engage Your People

If your company get together looks like it being a series of dense slide presentations delivered one after the other by the usual suspects (CEO, Finance Director, Marketing Director, Ops Director etc) with an occasional exercise involving standing around a flip chart with some post it notes...Good Luck!

Or, get really clear on what you want to achieve, bring in a creative facilitator to design and run the day and then let your people's contribution, creativity and brilliance shine through.

Recently we staged a workshop for 80 of our team with the purpose of getting all team members on the major issues for the team and the programme going forward into next year. In the past, these events have proved to be a little dry and staid and we needed some help to 'raise our game' and get the best out of the day and a half at our disposal.

Imagine our delight, therefore when Michael not only agreed to speak, but also volunteered himself to design the whole workshop with us and also to facilitate for us. What resulted was a resounding success. Co-operative and flexible during the design activities; accomplished, compelling and in control during the delivery.

Michael's style and approach was enjoyed by everyone and the alternative learning methods that he used made each session highly productive. Our engagement with Michael Tipper was extremely valuable and we would recommend the potential of his contribution to your event wholeheartedly.

Mark Smith, Shell International Ltd

Here's What A Good Company Meeting Will Achieve

  • Effective Two-Way Communication
  • Participation and Contribution From All
  • Willing Engagement
  • The Achievement Of Clear Outcomes
  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Teamwork and Relationship Building
  • Sharing of Understanding and Insights
  • Genuine Celebration
  • Creativity and Innovation

Here's What Happens At A Poor Company Meeting

  • A One Way Transmission From The Boss
  • People in Listening Mode Only
  • Reluctant Attendance
  • No Clear Purpose
  • Bitching and Moaning (in The Breaks of Course)
  • Backstabbing and Baiting
  • Witholding Opinions
  • Reluctant Applause
  • Boredom, Tedium and Mediocrity

Where on the spectrum between these two extremes are your meetings usually found?

With some upfront investment in time, energy and thought, a company meeting can be a place of purpose and productivity that will increase the levels of engagement and participation of those attending AND make it an enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding experience at the same time.

KEY POINT - this isn't about just making your meeting more fun and enjoyable.  This is about getting the most effective and efficient use of your organisations key resource (your people).  It just so happens that a by product of doing that effectively is that it is enjoyable too.

People's brains operate at their best when they are stimulated, challenged and engaged in a fun, rewarding and enjoyable environment.

When you bring in an external facilitator to help design and run your meeting you achieve the following:

The Benefits Of Bringing In An External Facilitator

  • You are more likely to have a great company get together that gets the job done in the best possible way
  • Avoid the "Curse of Knowledge" from being too close to the issues so that nothing is left out
  • Break the unhelpful cycle of Certainty and Confirmation Biases so that a balanced and honest view is presented
  • Bring in creativity and innovation to help break any "Group Think" approach to running your meetings
  • Make your meetings so much fun and enjoyable, as well as valuable and productive that your people will want more of them
  • Get greater clarity on what you are trying to achieve so you are more likely to be successful

Michael Tipper is an experienced facilitator and presenter who brings the clarity and precision of a trained engineering mind together with a well developed creativity and flair to the design and delivery of impactful company meetings.

With over 15 years experience of creative facilitation his approach will help you create a fabulous event.

Previous facilitation work includes:

  • A launch meeting for the re-deployment of IT Project Managers for a large Petro-Chemical Company
  • A strategic planning session for the executive board of an international financial services institute
  • A large scale facilitation for the Annual Review meeting for the R&D function of a large multi-national organisation
  • Post outage review sessions for two adjacent Power Station engineering teams
  • A discovery session for the senior leadership team of an engineering function exploring personality profiles and team dynamics
  • And many more...

Here's What Michael Will Do For You:

  • Work with you to get explicitly clear on your outcomes and what "done" looks like
  • Help identify and formulate any preparatory communications and potential pre-event activities
  • Put together a detailed step-by-step roadmap of the journey through the day
  • Design innovative and interactive exercises to meet each of the meetings outcomes
  • Bring creativity and flair to the conduct and execution of the delivery plan
  • Provide appropriate presentation skills feedback and coaching for in house presenters where necessary
  • Suggest relevant ice-breakers and energisers appropriate to the outcomes of the day
  • Consult with you to identify suitable a suitable theme for the day and ensure the meeting runs consistent with that theme

Creative Facilitation Is Appropriate For Groups Of Any Size

The benefits of having an external facilitator can be brought to meetings of just a handful of people up to several hundred.  Michael has worked with audience sizes across the complete range - meetings of any size can benefit.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Before you decide on whether you want to use Michael to facilitate your meeting, book a free 30 minute consultation with him.

You can explain what you are trying to achieve and he will give you his thoughts on the options open to you, potential challenges and how to avoid them and some suggestions for you to try.

To book your FREE 30 minute consultation with Michael, please call him on
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