Michael Tipper

“This Keynote Speech Is For You If You Want a Guaranteed Conference Crowd Pleaser for Your Event That Is Relevant, Current and Has Your Audience Learning, Laughing and Leaving Inspired”

Here is what the audience will take away from this speech:

  • They will know the secret of having a powerful memory
  • They will have experienced improved memory performance by using one of the world’s most powerful recall assisting devices (as used by World Memory Champions)
  • They will have greater confidence in their ability to remember and recall
  • They will know why they often get to the bottom of a page of something they are reading and can’t remember a thing – and what to do about it.
  • They will know how they can dramatically and quite simply increase their reading speed to deal with the ever growing volume of information bombarding everyone’s intrays and inboxes
  • They will have experienced what it is actually like to read 3 times faster (without any loss of comprehension)
  • They will know how to release more time from their hectic schedules to focus on the important rather than the urgent
  • They will know the importance of belief on their memory’s performance (amongst other things!) and will have had their self limiting beliefs challenged.
  • And they will have laughed, learnt and left inspired.

"I first met Michael when he was featured as a main platform speaker at the 2007 Personal Finance Society Conference. I'm sure most participants at the event would have regarded his subject matter as little more than a motivational sideshow, of minimal relevance to them ... before they heard him speak.

He has a fantastic and very sincere presentation style and did a fabulous job, keeping over 1000 Financial Advisers enthralled throughout. I personally thought that Michael's was the best talk of the entire conference, and told him as much. As the person responsible for marketing the event, I had access to all of the feedback on all of the speakers at the event.

Sure enough his performance was very highly regarded and his talk met or exceeded the expectations of 98.7% of participants — better than any other main platform speaker. He is not only a top rate speaker and presenter, with an arsenal of stories to illustrate the points he wants to communicate, but he is a genuine person who truly wants to help other people, and it shows straight away when you meet him.

I am therefore delighted to recommend him very highly."

Robert Clay Founder & CEO, DSP Solutions UK Ltd.

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What sort of audience will benefit from this keynote address?

This speech is aimed at professional audiences who:

  • …have a professional thirst for knowledge in their specialist field and want more effective and efficient methods of gathering, absorbing and remembering it.
  • …might think (like much of the population) their memory is poor and that there is no hope for them!
  • …are bombarded with too much day to day content and need to find faster ways of ploughing through it and so banish that sense of overwhelm common in today’s information-driven world.
  • …would benefit from having long held but limiting beliefs challenged in an unusual but entertaining and empowering way.
  • …would welcome an entertaining and enlightening respite from the raft of usual presentations found at their conference.

How will you, the event organiser benefit from this speech?

By scheduling this keynote speech in your event’s schedule you will:

  • …be providing a guaranteed conference crowd pleaser they will be talking about long after the event
  • …be including value adding breadth to your event’s programme that is relevant to all professionals, regardless of their field or industry
  • …be engaging an experienced professional speaker who delivers an interactive and entertaining yet relevant and extremely valuable session for you and your client

“Every year the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) runs a 6 day road show around the UK to keep in touch with our training providers.

My view of the road shows delivered by Michael was they were the best we have ever had. Not only did Michael provide cutting edge information with practical and interactive exercises, he did it in a way that both empowered and entertained our trainers who can be a very demanding audience to an unseasoned presenter.

It was a pleasure to see our trainers not only learn new and valuable information, but really enjoy the journey too.

But don't just take my word for it, here are just some of the comments we received from our delegates:

"Very good day with useful insight from Michael Tipper"

"Michael was very inspirational"

"Michael – good impression and refreshing and loved the way he brought the concepts back to safety presentations and training"

"Far better than I could have imagined - incredible value for money"

"I really enjoyed Michael's session and will take many things away with me"

"Michael was excellent – very good – thanks for booking Michael"

" . . . very different to the normal!"

". . . useful insight from Michael Tipper"

"Michael Tipper is an amazing person. He has dispelled all my beliefs about my memory and made me realise I need to train my brain to succeed"

"Fantastic learning experience, Michael was brilliant"

"Michael was very inspirational. Congratulations on managing to book such a fantastic speaker"

I can therefore highly recommend Michael to you: if you do book Michael for a presentation, rest assured, you will not be disappointed - you will be praised for booking such a top notch presenter.”

Caroline Holden, Commercial Affairs Director, IOSH

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The Speech in a Nutshell

“From Submarine to Synapse – How to Read Faster and Remember More”

From nearly being kicked out of the Royal Navy for struggling with exams because he believed he had a poor memory to discovering how to use it more effectively and eventually going on to win the silver medal at the World Memory Championships.

He shares the profoundly simple secret to having a powerful memory, demonstrates the power of belief on our ability to recall, has the audience recalling volumes of information they never thought possible for them and doubles (at least) their reading speed – all within 45 minutes!

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