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About Michael Tipper

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Michael Tipper is an experienced speaker, facilitator, presenter and writer specialising in the practical business and educational applications of Accelerated Learning principles and techniques, Mind Mapping, Creativity, Speed Reading and Memory Improvement. Over 70,000 people have directly experienced his live presentations and trainings, and more than half a million children and young people have benefited from programmes he has developed for schools and colleges.

His own clients include IBM, Shell, The MOD, The British Army, Grant Thornton, Eircom, The Prudential, Royal Sun Alliance, John Sisk, The Chartered Institute of Professional Development, National Grid Property Ltd, and Smith Williamson. The author of two books (and a third on memory improvement to be published by Duncan Baird Publishers April 07), his 15 minutes of fame includes appearances on The Big Breakfast (see video below), The Guinness Show, Sky News (See video below) and Amazing People and has featured in articles in The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Times. He regularly appears on Local BBC radio shows around the UK.

A Chartered Engineer by profession and 16 years service in the Royal Naval Submarine Service, Michael developed his practical use and understanding of effective thinking tools like Mind Mapping and Speed Reading in a dynamic and ever changing operational and then business environment. He entered and came second in the World Memory Championships in order to demonstrate that anyone can take simple concepts about how to use the mind more effectively and get much more from it. Michael achieved the coveted Grand Master of Memory award, ran and managed the World Championships for two years and is now considered to be one of the leading exponents of memory improvement techniques in the UK. Michael Tipper Conference and Seminar Speaker, Memory, Mind Map and Speed Reading Expert Promo Picture2

Michael's strength comes not only from his deep knowledge of his subject but from his enthusiasm and ability to convey relevant ideas and concepts to people at all levels in an entertaining, enjoyable and practical way. Michael is a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association.

"Michael Tipper is an entertaining, informative and energetic speaker who is emerging as an inspirational teacher of Mentally Literate principles"
Tony Buzan, inventor of the Mind Map™

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Michael On Sky News

Not long ago we had "Chip and Pin" day in the UK when retailers switched over to the new "PIN number only" system for taking payments with credit cards. Michael was invited onto SKY NEWS to give some tips and ideas about how to remember PIN numbers. This was an excellent opportunity to make more people aware of how to use their memory much more effectively but in the time available (about 2 minutes) the advice had to be kept practical and so that included "write it down".

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Michael Memorises A Deck of Playing Cards on Live Television

In the run up to the World Memory Championships a couple of years ago, Michael and Tony Buzan were invited onto Channel 4's Big Breakfast to talk about the competition and give a memory demonstration. At the time the show was hosted by Sarah Cox and Ed Hall, both of whom were delightful to meet and were genuinely interested (and amazed) by memory improvement and Michael's demonstration.

Trying to memorise a deck of 52 playing cards in the middle of a busy television studio, live as millions of people watch you on national TV, whilst Tony is busy flirting with the oh so bubbly female presenter was quite a challange for Michael. Still, watch the footage and see what happens.

If ever you meet Michael in person, ask him about the 4 of spades and why he paused for so long and he will tell you. (Note because of a recording problem the footage is in black and white).

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