Michael Tipper

Delegate Testimonials and Feedback

Here are just a few of the thousands of comments I have received from satisfied delegates:

Michael, further to your presentation to the Academy of Chief Executives, I found your information handling section very useful and have re-ordered my email accordingly, I have read 7 books (one per day literally!) and am swamping my colleagues with reading material that they can’t keep up with (and will ask you to teach them speed reading soon), and generally found your pointers useful in all areas organisation – having now mind mapped a business plan and shown my 12 year old how to pass exams!
Mark Mills, Chairman, Startback plc

An excellent insight into how the brain can be exploited
Lt Keith Knight, Project Officer, Ships Support Agency

An excellent course which has opened up a whole new set of tools to improve my way of doing business
Mike Weston, Project Manager Defence Procurement Agency

Links to business throughout - very good delivery
Richard Midgley, Senior Planner, Advertising Principles

Simple and effective techniques with a large transportable implication. Very Enjoyable and exceeded my expectations by far
John Wright, Business Development Manager, The Consumer Business

Overall Excellent and very beneficial for both business and personal
Carol Ware, Senior Brand Manager, Golden Wonder

Excellent... I think this will be really useful. I wish I had done it years ago!
Alan Hines, Head of Marketing, Leicestershire TEC

My objective for memory improvement has been met. I will never forget a name. Excellent…will increase my business effectiveness
L Hickman, Managing Director, Ortho-Kinetics

All of the course was most enjoyable and thought provoking…Excellent and well presented
Al Stevens, Systems Officer, MOD Middle Wallop

...Could have spent a whole day on this as it was interesting, applicable and valuable. I recognise time was limited however volume covered was impressive and style of delivery appropriate. Nice close to a long day!
Sinead Collins, Human Resource Manager, Eircom

Very innovative and engaging session that introduced concepts that have always been somewhat of an enigma until now. Very powerful and effective communicator, obviously practices what he preaches
Claire Hopkins, Technical Training Officer, Prudential

A very fun-filled, informative day, with great simple tools and strategies to improve the intake of information
Brendan Mulvany, Futures Trader, Mac Futures

Michael Tipper is probably the most outstanding presenter at developing the mind
Ken Abram, Principal, Abram Partnership

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and look forward to all future courses I will be attending of Michael's. Fantastic workbook and teaching pack
Donna Pickard, Company Director, The Mind and Body Advisory Service

I am inspired - which is what I wanted. I have come away with added confidence and full of ideas to implement. Very interesting, proven techniques to work on
Tamzin Frost, Technical Trainer, Prudential

Very appropriate to the whole structure of this Regional Meeting and also for me personally - well done!
Els Griggs, Secretary, Link Insurance

Excellent and packed with superb ideas and techniques
John Donaldson, IFA, Inter-Alliance

Thank you Michael for making this subject so fascinating, fun and informative. I hope to use some of what you've taught this evening with my 13 year old son who has recently been labelled at school as "Day dreaming and lacking in concentration and effort". Obviously the school has the problem. He'll be so impressed with the 9 planets!
Jane Maguire, Clinical Aromatherapist, Equilibrium Holistic Health and Therapy Centre

I found the course extremely entertaining - as I am getting older I thought senility was setting in but I am glad to note that there is a 'cure'!
Orla Cassin, Union Manager, Dublin Institute of Technology

In an hour and a half, Michael Tipper taught me what 20 years of formal education couldn't. His session empowered me beyond belief!
Tim Kelly, Sports Services Manager, University of Brighton

Really Excellent! - I'm converted!
Georgie Watts, Union Services Manager, UCE

Best seminar of the conference - thoroughly enjoyable!
Sarah Hume, Bar Manager, C&GCHESU

A real aid to change the way I think and remember things…This has been a real motivator and confidence builder to the way I work
Christine Watson, SCA Manager, University of Wales Swansea

BRILLIANT! I'm going to start tonight. Probably the most useful thing I've learnt this year!
Laura Bentley, Yr 4 Medical Student, Bristol Medical School

Excellent, very interesting and extremely helpful
Karen Dann, Tumbletot Trainer

The best talk I have ever attended. Would love to attend another talk by Michael Tipper again; everyone should!! Excellent
Tricia Prisg, Access Student, Weston College

The humour was refreshing, relaxing and therefore it was easier to recall information
Michelle Turner, Student (and mother) Soundwell College

Very helpful and informative. Good tools supplied to enhance personal capability
Donald Ross, Account Manager, Mitel Direct

Pace was great and the fact it was interactive was brilliant
Maureen Sullivan, Account Manager, Mitel Telecom

Inspiring presentation - plenty to take away and implement. Interesting stuff on memory - 'Always wanted to know that' effect
Tony Gavin, Tech Trainer, Prudential Insurance

Excellent, entertaining and humourous. Kept my attention. Learn a lot
Steve Goodchild, Student, Weston College

Absolutely fantastic. Would like to attend longer seminar in future with Michael Tipper… Very, very interesting, captured my full attention throughout. Excellent!
Samantha Purcell, Access Student, Filton College

Excellent, funny, witty and very helpful!
Julie Watkins, Student, Filton College

Very impressed, will be buying your book!
Natalie Stevens, Health Care Assistant, UBHT

Thank you, enjoyed very much. You have inspired me!
Samantha Ashdon, Student (mother of 4), City and Bath College

Very enjoyable, enlightening and entertaining, combining funny remarks along with useful ideas for aiding ability of learning how to use memory
Susan Heath, Student Nurse, Bridgwater College

Presenter was very humourous and made the time fly by, by making the subject what might seem boring very interesting and enjoyable
Steven Cain, Directorate Accountant, City and Hackney Community NHS Trust

Fab! Really enjoyed the light hearted approach and felt that the techniques will be of real benefit
Sarah Davies, National Financial Management Trainee, Eastern Region NHS Executive

Michael Tipper was a very good presenter! He made the talk very interesting and kept my attention all of the way through. I could have listened to Michael all day. I will definitely look out for Michael's activities in the future
Carmen Nieto, City of Bath College

Excellent. Worthwhile. Essential in an industry where you are bombarded by information and figures
Iain Fleming, IFA, Medimoneycare

Excellent presentation which helped to dispel any fears for future memory problems
Richard Crozier, Financial Advisor, S Hill & Co

The presenter made the content great fun to listen to and therefore we remembered more for future reference
Faye Lewis, Sexretary, BP Chemicals Ltd

We talked about things that I related with and have problems with in my everyday life. I found Michael's seminar very interesting and at times comical and this made it very easy to listen to. it was very well presented and put me at ease
Sarah Cokely, Social Worker, Bristol Social Services

A very positive approach to the problems of learning. I'll certainly be discussing this with staff and perhaps implementing some of the techniques
Maxine Room, Director of Curriculum, Filton College

Very impressed as someone with no memory at all who remembered quite a lot
Shirley Gardiner, Support Worker, Magna Housing Association

The image technique for remembering the order of the planets. I don't think I will forget that! I feel the programme was conducted well. I don't have any suggestions for improvements but can I attend another one of your sessions again please? I anticipated that I might be tired and bored after lunch but the session was interesting and I was wide awake and listened with enthusiasm
Najma Mohammed, Student, University of Bristol

I found it motivating. Has given me extra confidence as I start my degree as a mature student
Catherine Hill, Student, University West of England

I was thoroughly impressed by Mr Tipper's presentation style and organisation. The atmosphere was friendly and un-intimidating promoting positive discussion. An informative and entertaining lecture indeed
Simon Hassell, Library Assistant, UWE

Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable and excellently demonstrated. Well done Michael!
Amanda Wylie, Superintendant Radiographer, RUH Bath

A very entertaining presenter who struck just the right balance between fun and seriousness
Pat Moynihan, Senior Lecturer, UWE

Excellent Seminar, far exceeded my expectations
Sally Cooke, Psychometric Interperter, Weymouth College

Excellent presentation - example of how all presentations should be!
Karen Venn, Marketing Manager, The Enterprise Connection

Brilliant day - would suggest everyone and anyone attend
Peter Thomson, Speaker

An excellent seminar which will have a positive impact on my work load - give me more time with family; more efficient, more effective use of working time…Well done! An entertaining and informative day which will change my life forever - for the good!
Debby Swallow, Managing Director, A&K Office Products Ltd

Very enjoyable, polished, useful
Jane Clarke, Lecturer in French and German

Excellent - very interesting - lots to think about - a must for anyone involved in education - I shall use what I have learnt
C Buchannan-Brown, Psychology Lecturer, Weymouth College

Recently we staged a workshop for 80 of our team with the purpose of getting all team members on the major issues for the team and the programme going forward into next year. In the past, these events have proved to be a little dry and staid and we needed some help to 'raise our game' and get the best out of the day and a half at our disposal. Imagine our delight, therefore when Michael not only agreed to speak, but also volunteered himself to design the whole workshop with us and also to facilitate for us. What resulted was a resounding success. Co-operative and flexible during the design activities; accomplished, compelling and in control during the delivery. Michael's style and approach was enjoyed by everyone and the alternative learning methods that he used made each session highly productive. Our engagement with Michael Tipper was extremely valuable and we would recommend the potential of his contribution to your event wholeheartedly.
Mark Smith, Shell International Ltd.