Michael Tipper

Michael Memorises A Deck of Playing Cards on Live Television

In the run up to the World Memory Championships a couple of years ago, Michael and Tony Buzan were invited onto Channel 4's Big Breakfast to talk about the competition and give a memory demonstration. At the time the show was hosted by Sarah Cox and Ed Hall, both of whom were delightful to meet and were genuinely interested (and amazed) by memory improvement and Michael's demonstration.

Trying to memorise a deck of 52 playing cards in the middle of a busy television studio, live as millions of people watch you on national TV, whilst Tony is busy flirting with the oh so bubbly female presenter was quite a challange for Michael. Still, watch the footage and see what happens.

If ever you meet Michael in person, ask him about the 4 of spades and why he paused for so long and he will tell you. (Note because of a recording problem the footage is in black and white).