Michael Tipper

Michael Tipper – Keynote Speaker

Early Professional Career

Michael grew up and was educated in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and at the tender age of 16 joined the Royal Navy as an Artificer Apprentice. Following his early technician training and time in HMS PENELOPE which included a trip to the Falklands, Michael was selected for a commission and began his officer training at the Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth in 1986.

After his Midshipman’s time in HMS CARDIFF he read a Bachelor of Engineering (hons) degree at the Royal Naval Engineering College Manadon graduating in 1990. Following rigorous submarine selection and training Michael was posted to HMS COURAGEOUS, where he earned the coveted Submarine Dolphin Badge and then to HMS SPARTAN for 2 years as one of the Weapons Engineer Officers.

Becoming a Chartered Engineer Michael spent 3 years in Project Management in the Procurement Executive buying and helping design training simulation equipment for the Royal Navy. After promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Michael worked in Logistic Support before leaving the Royal Navy in 1999 after 16 ½ years service to pursue his current vocation.

World Memory Championships

Although an average student at school, Michael believed his memory was poor when he encountered the modular training regime of a Naval apprenticeship at the start of his career. Struggling to keep pace with a form of learning new to him and under the potential threat of being thrown out of the Navy, he purchased a memory course advertised in a Sunday newspaper.

By working through this course, Michael discovered there was nothing wrong with his memory, he just did not know how to use it properly and that the belief he had formed about having a poor memory was wrong. Over time Michael refined his application of the techniques he had learnt and in 1998 won the Silver Medal at the World Memory Championships earning the rarely awarded status of Grand Master of Memory.

Michael then went on to organise and run the World Memory Championships in 1999 and 2000 and put in place the groundwork that has helped make it the international event it is today

Making a Difference to Kids

Shortly after leaving the Navy in 1999, Michael helped set up Positively MAD, a company dedicated to bringing personal development and accelerated learning techniques and strategies to students across the UK and Europe.

Michael was the Director of Training and head presenter and as well as delivering hundreds of highly entertaining and interactive workshops to students, he built a presenter team and designed development programmes delivered to over half a million pupils.

During this time Michael wrote 2 study skill books for students. He left Positively MAD in 2005 at a natural break point to concentrate on working with adults in the business and corporate arenas.

Speaking Success

Michael now combines the energy of his success working with teenagers with the ideas and concepts vital to help the modern professional survive and thrive in this information driven world. This has created innovative, entertaining, empowering and educational presentations that have the audiences learning, laughing and leaving inspired.

Now an award winning international speaker, Michael has spoken to audiences all over the world to clients that include IBM, Shell, Symantec, The MOD, Roche, The British Army, Grant Thornton, Eircom, The Prudential, Royal Sun Alliance, The Chartered Institute of Professional Development, The Academy of Chief Executives, The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, and Smith Williamson.

Michael's strength comes not only from his deep knowledge of his subject but from his enthusiasm and ability to convey relevant ideas and concepts to people at all levels in an entertaining, enjoyable and practical way.

"Michael Tipper is an entertaining, informative and energetic speaker who is emerging as an inspirational teacher of Mentally Literate principles"

Tony Buzan, inventor of the Mind Map™

His most recent book Memory Power Up - 101 Ways to Instant Recall was published by Duncan Baird Publishers in 2007.

Michael’s 15 minutes of fame includes appearances on The Big Breakfast, The Guinness Show, Sky News and Amazing People and has featured in articles in The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Times. His most recent features include the “Guru Slot” on the BBC Asian Network and an article in Wired Magazine. He also regularly appears on Local BBC radio shows around the UK.

Michael Tipper On Sky News

Michael Tipper Memorises A Deck of Playing Cards on Live Television

Applying Accelerated Learning

Outside of his keynote speaking, Michael continues to explore the application of the broader concepts of Accelerated Learning and the more specific use of Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory Improvement Techniques to provide benefits in the business and corporate environments.

His recent successful projects include designing and facilitating innovative and interactive culture change workshops for large organisations.